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Below is a list of FEIFA Associate Member firms, ordered alphabetically. Further details regarding these companies and individuals can be found by visiting their websites, where available.

Associate Members

AIMS PI (Thailand) Limited – specialists in financial advice for expats based in Thailand

Concise Consultancy – specialists in business sales, M&As, insolvency, risk management, compliance and protection

Corzak Ltd – specialists in personal consultancy services

Invest Barbados – specialists in securing and facilitating sustainable foreign direct investment and international business in Barbados

JC&A Abogados – legal, economic and tax experts on an international basis

Rosebank Wealth Group – financial advisory and wealth management firm based in South Africa

Shepperd & Wedderburn – legal practice servicing clients across the commercial and public sector as well as private clients

Simon Conn – expertise on overseas finance and property purchase globally

Trinity Holdings Int. Ltd – financial advisory firm based in Serbia

WTax – assist clients to optimize their withholding tax recovery process

​The acceptance of a person (including an incorporated or unincorporated body of persons) as an Associate Member of FEIFA does not imply any representation or warranty by FEIFA as to the financial soundness of that person or any other matter. Accordingly, FEIFA will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense whatsoever incurred by anyone as a result of dealings with any such person.

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