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The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers

Enabling UK advisers to assist EU clients post-Brexit

As a pan-European trade association representing English-speaking financial advisers, FEIFA is in an arguably unique position to assist UK advisers who have clients based in the EU (and vice versa).

Despite the Brexit agreement, for financial services the situation is effectively a ‘No-Deal’ outcome and, in particular, the loss of passporting has created a number of significant issues – not least in ensuring that advisers treat clients fairly (both literally and in terms of meeting their regulatory requirements).

We have been able to assist many UK advisers and advisory firms to find the most appropriate solution for them – and, most importantly, for their relevant clients.

We can – and have – assisted where there is a desire to:

  • Continue directly advising and assisting clients in the EU
  • Work with advisers on the ground to provide the client with relevant services
  • Look for an appropriate new “home” for the client, to ensure continuity of advice

We have a number of ways that we can assist UK advisers to find the best approach for them and their clients.

We can also assist EU-based advisers with clients in the UK.

Please contact us, in either case, if you would like more information:​​