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Below you can access recorded versions of the presentations, the keynote speech, and the panel session, along with slides for each respective element. If you wish to watch the videos and then obtain CPD certificates please answer the questions at the links below. We have arranged things such that you don’t have to watch the whole event in order to gain CPD. You can simply watch all presentations or elements of a session and complete the CPD questions relevant to that one, in order to receive a certificate. Session 1 will provide 105 minutes of CPD and the other three sessions are each eligible for 75 minutes. There is, therefore, a potential of up to 5.5 hours of CPD available if you watch all sessions (and complete the CPD questions as well, of course).

You can see details of the presentation titles and speakers for each session here.

Full synopses and biographies for the presenters can be found here. The same is available for the Keynote Speech here and a summary of the Panel Session here.

In addition, if you want to watch the short welcome address from our CEO, Paul Stanfield, this is accessible here. It provides a whistle-stop “tour” of FEIFA’s developments over the last 3 years and highlights many of the benefits now available to you. It is a useful reminder of all of the services and advantages you can access as a FEIFA member.

1st session
2nd session
3rd session
4th session
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