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The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers
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23rd November 2022 - Webinar 1

The Masterclass Webinar will commence at 10.00am GMT and run until approximately 11.30am. 

Presenting companies


The impact of inflation on the investment landscape
This year has been challenging for most, as a wave of inflation has swept across markets. This session will discuss the impact this has had on different asset classes, from bonds to property. It will also divulge what investors should expect next, and how the investment landscape will change as the inflation tide recedes.


Portfolio construction in 2022: does 60/40 still work?
Even before recent events, the traditional stock/bond portfolio wasn’t working for investors. This session will look at how other asset classes play a larger part in both the diversification and the risk/return profile of portfolios.


Modelling success – how low-cost model portfolios can add real value
This presentation will discuss the Model Portfolio Service process and the advantages it can provide in a modern advisory environment. It will consider how the pressing issues for advisory firms of risk and suitability can be resolved through the use of a transparent MPS process – alongside which, a well-designed quantitative fund selection system can deliver the potential for outperformance within a value proposition.

30th November 2022 - Webinar 2

The Masterclass Webinar will commence at 10.00am GMT and run until approximately 11.15am. 

Presenting companies (listed alphabetically)


Honey I shrunk the LTA!
Historically, the LTA has increased annually by the rate of inflation, as measured by CPI. However, the UK government took the decision to freeze the LTA until at least 2025, meaning that any capital appreciation of a pension fund for those at or above their LTA, will increase their risk of facing a 25% or 55% charge. This freeze will also see a material decline in the real value of the pension limit, meaning that more pension funds could be subject to the LTA charge than would otherwise be the case. This presentation will look at strategies to mitigate or eliminate this charge risk.


Pricing on financial instruments and its effects on clients’ portfolios
Annual Management Charges, dealing charges and OCFs effect your clients’ portfolios. In a turbulent market clients might have to accept the volatility associated with holding even a very diversified portfolio, however, one can mitigate losses and better adjust for risk v reward when the costs of the portfolio are monitored diligently. This presentation will explain how.