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Who hasn’t dreamed of one day being able to stop working before the legal retirement age? 50, 40, 30 years old? What if this dream was possible?

The question can make you smile, especially if you live like me in Spain in Barcelona, ​​with an exorbitant real estate price and often lower wages than in France. Still, more and more people are getting there, so why not you?


The FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early), born in the United States in the 2000s, defends the principle of living simply and making your money grow in order to be able to live on your pensions.

It is part of an economist movement of Frugalism “Who feeds on little, who lives in a simple way.” (Larousse)
Why not take inspiration from it?

How? ‘Or’ What?

  • Save: pay off any debt (especially that of your property), reduce your lifestyle, eliminate unnecessary costs, eliminate certain leisure activities, save more from the 1st of the month.
  • Define a budget: it will be essential to properly calculate your monthly needs in order to define your retirement assets and thus set your objective.
  • Investing: in addition to your main residence, you will need to invest the money saved wisely in financial investments, stocks or real estate.

Frugalists follow a “golden rule” known as 4%: have assets at least 25 times greater than the amount of their annual expenses. If they amount to 2,000 euros per month, for example, a heritage of 600,000 euros will be needed, making it possible to live on the 4% of the generated return.

When to start

Of course, as soon as possible. Early retirement will quickly become a forgotten dream if you start too late, but everything will also depend on your involvement in the cause.

The new generations are worrying more and more about their retirement and for good reason; forecasts of public retirement pensions are falling and the statutory retirement age is only increasing.

Frugalism will require a strong reduction in your expenses, it is often accompanied by an ecological conscience in order to turn to a decent and responsible lifestyle.

Our capitalist societies increasingly lead individuals to ask themselves questions about their relationship to money and work.

Who can apply this method?

Obviously, any early retirement will be more easily accessible to the middle and upper classes. For many, it is hard enough to put some money aside.

A quick Google search will allow you to read the experiences of many “young retirees” across the globe.
The methods differ, but discipline is essential. Some return to live with their parents for a few years and save 70% of their salary, others work for 10 or 15 years at a rate bordering on sustainable, some will count for years every penny possible and finally the most privileged who receive a comfortable salary will simply pay more attention, organize and invest smart.

This method interests you, but you have questions?

Do not hesitate to take advice from professionals at your service.

The Spectrum group in Barcelona offers you to carry out an audit at no cost or commitment in order to better organize yourself in the preparation of your retirement, early or not.

We will then help you compare and choose the financial investment that best suits your situation and preference.


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