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The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers
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FEIFA was established following discussions between a number of like-minded and highly experienced advisers and owners of IFA businesses, all of whom felt that there was a distinct need for such an Association - particularly in the global environment that had resulted from the economic meltdown that began to unfold in 2007.

Aims of the Federation

The Federation’s main aims are to uphold and raise standards of professionalism and to enhance the quality of advice provided; with the intention that this ultimately leads to positive and appropriate results for consumers.


​FEIFA exists for the benefit of both its members and consumers. It provides ​a strong voice for the adviser community across Europe and beyond; representing the sector with financial institutions, governments and regulatory bodies as and where relevant.

Due diligence

​The Federation is not available to all advisers and their companies. By only admitting members after a formal vetting and due diligence procedure, FEIFA is then able to provide consumers with an independent assessment of the regulatory and legal status of its member companies. This offers a level of comfort and peace of mind for consumers in any dealings with FEIFA members.


FEIFA provides a number of services that are beneficial to IFA companies, both large and small, and whether network members or not.


Improved terms from selected providers, at no extra cost to clients due to FEIFA’s active Partnership Programme.


The Federation can assist with certain compliance processes, systems and documents.


Access to Professional Liability Insurance facilities through our affiliated Partner Companies.


The dissemination of information and specific professional development via conferences, masterclass seminars and the monthly members’ e-magazine.


FEIFA develops and maintains markets to safeguard product access for its members.


Relevant legal and technical assistance is provided and more specific assistance is available.


Sole access to funds and products at various times.


Our members have access to a unique recruitment service with exclusive expertise and arrangements.


Membership of FEIFA provides an independent endorsement and credibility for advisers.


Enquiries generated by this website and other marketing activities are passed directly to FEIFA members.

For further information and to see the full list of benefits please visit our Downloads and Links page.