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The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers


Please note that times for all events within the programme are GMT.

As previously explained, there will be a themed Webinar on every Tuesday and Thursday in November. These will all commence at 10am GMT and run for between 60 and 70 minutes. There will be a varied mix of excellent Keynote speeches, Presentations and TED Talks, as well as an expert Panel Session during one event.

CPD will be available for every Webinar, amounting to up to 8 hours of certification being potentially available (but with separate certificates for each Webinar, in case you are unable or do not wish to attend every event).

Please note that all of these webinars will also be available as Video on Demand soon after the date on which they are live. We would, however, urge you to “consume” them live if at all possible, as this will be the most engaging way to benefit from the contents, of course. There are no limits to the number of attendees at the live webinars – all FEIFA members will be able to login if they wish to.