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Will McIntosh Whyte Rathbones 1

Will McIntosh-Whyte
Fund Manager

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Wednesday 20th October 2021

Presentation: 10.05 – 10.35


Will McIntosh-Whyte is responsible for managing the Rathbone Greenbank Multi-Asset Portfolio funds and Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolio funds. He joined Rathbones in 2007, having worked previously as a specialist researcher for Theisen Securities. At Rathbones, Will joined the charities team, and was appointed as an investment manager in 2011, running institutional multi-asset mandates. He has been on the multi-asset team since 2015. Will graduated from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology with a BSc Hons in Management, and is a CFA charterholder.

Green is good, but it’s not a free lunch

Finding opportunities in the drive to a more sustainable planet – but beware of the hype!

Christian Cole Dominion Funds

Christian Cole
Head of Equity Strategy

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TED Talk: 10.35 – 10.50


Christian Cole joined Dominion in 2015 as an equity analyst. His primary role is the Investment Management of Dominion Global Trends – Managed Fund, researching and monitoring the investment universe and working on investment ideas. Christian holds a BS in economics from Royal Holloway College, University of London.

Before joining Dominion, Christian worked as a senior research associate for Sanford C. Bernstein and an equity research analyst for Royal Capital Management, LLC. Christian is a CFA charterholder.

Tesla, Tech and Bitcoin… The difference between speculation and investing

Are we in a bubble now? Speculative bubbles in financial assets are nothing new. History offers us important lessons in how to identify the difference between normal markets and asset price bubbles. In this talk we look at examples from history and how they can inform investors today in identifying speculative investment bubbles.

We then go on to explain how to invest successfully through periods of financial excess and protect portfolios from the risks of speculative volatility, touching on whether we think popular financial instruments today (Tesla, tech stocks and bitcoin) are in a bubble or not.

Rod Guest Marlborough

Rod Guest
International Sales Manager

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TED Talk: 10.50 – 11.05


Rod Guest has 30 years of experience across a very broad spectrum of life offices, private banks, investment managers, financial advisers, family offices and hedge funds, and is currently the International Sales Manager for Marlborough Funds.

Before joining Marlborough, with an LLB (Hons) in Law, he had 3 years with Touche Ross, followed by various senior positions with Standard Life, Mansard Capital and Allium Capital.

The Search for Alpha

When diversification doesn’t work, then what? In times of constrained returns it is more important than ever that client expectations are realistic. In particular, are multi-asset investors likely to be disappointed? How can the potential purchasing power of client portfolios be maintained and enhanced?